What Should You do to get Your Car Ready for Winter?

 Before the first snowflakes fall, you should find ways to get your car ready for winter. This doesn’t just include must-have winter car accessories, but items you should include in your December car maintenance service appointment. So, follow our tips to get your car ready for winter.

Let the Experts Inspect Your Vehicle

As part of your preparations, plan on scheduling a winter car check up.  Whether you are concerned how to take care of old cars in the winter, or looking for new car maintenance tips, a winterization appointment at your dealership will uncover issues that could become serious issues during harsher weather.  A number of factors of winter driving conditions can impact a variety of parts on your vehicle from batteries, to brakes, to your engine.  Making sure these items are inspected and working properly should be part of getting your car winter ready.

Be Prepared for the Worst

While we can all make sure our vehicles are in tip top running condition, accidents happen.  That’s why part of our car tips to get your vehicle ready for winter is to have the best winter emergency car kit in your vehicle’s trunk.  The 9 things you need in your car this winter should include jumper cables, a snow brush, portable shovel, flashlights (with additional batteries), USB cables for phones, flares, blankets, water and snacks ready at hand will allow you to protect yourself and your passengers until help arrives.

Winter Car Care Products

While you may think it is overkill to ask should I detail my car before winter, you do need to consider how hard snow, ice and rock salt can be on both the interior and the exterior finish of your vehicle.  How you keep your car clean in the winter will be determined by how much exposure your vehicle will get during the harshest weather.  We suggest you invest in a full service car wash after driving through any significant weather.  This will remove any rock salt from the exterior of the vehicle and its undercarriage, eliminate residue on carpets and mats inside, and help reveal any damage to either that should be repaired at a later time.

Winter Check List

No matter what you do to get your car ready for winter, you should make sure you follow our “Preparing Your Car for Winter Checklist”:

  1. Keep an emergency car kit stocked in your vehicle
  2. Schedule a winter preparedness appointment with your mechanic
  3. Clean your vehicle regularly to reduce damage to your exterior paint and upholstery
  4. Never drive with less than half a tank of gas in reserve
  5. Make sure you have a back up battery for your phone(s) properly charged

Let our team make sure that you are ready for whatever winter has in store for us this season.  Schedule an appointment with one of our Flemington NJ, Clinton NJ or Princeton NJ service centers.  With 18 brands including Ford, Lincoln, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, INFINITI, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Subaru, Honda, Jaguar and Land Rover in our dealership family, we can help you with all your automotive needs.  Check out our Winter Preparation Specials, designed to save you money on your key winter service needs.