Spring Cleaning Hacks for your Vehicle

Secret Car Cleaning Hacks Revealed

We all know there is nothing like that clean car feeling.  When done right, it can take you right back to the day you drove your car off the lot, fully detailed by the dealership as part of your delivery.  But life and the weather can take that feeling away all too quickly. And while finding a car wash near you will spruce up your vehicle, it won’t get that deep scrubbing that comes with a full detail cleaning.  If you have a couple hours to spare to do-it-yourself, our most brilliant car cleaning hacks will help you get that same professional clean without breaking the bank.

Brighten Your Cars Exterior

Just like the spring cleaning tips for your home, our spring cleaning hacks for your car will speed up the process.  Try these simple car cleaning hacks for your exterior to restore the shine to your car’s finish:

Wash your car to keep allergies to a minimum – Pollen on car surfaces can not just damage your finish but also aggravate allergies.  Washing your car regularly is one way how to remove sticky pollen from car’s touch points such as handles and buttons. No need to purchase an expensive car detergent.  Mix a mild dish detergent with hot water to clean off your vehicle.  While there is no fool-proof way to repel pollen from your car, adding a wax finish to your vehicle will help reduce the amount of pollen that will stick to your car’s finish.  While applying wax can be very labor intensive, try using a hair conditioner instead.  Wipe the conditioner onto your vehicle with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth, then rinse off the extra residue.  Once dry, give the car a quick buff with a dry clean cloth.

See where you are going – If your headlights have become foggy, just grab your toothpaste and a toothbrush!  Coat the lenses of your headlights with the toothpaste and scrub gently in a circular motion with the toothbrush.  Let it set for 5-10 minutes then rinse and wipe off for clearer illumination!

No Bugs Allowed! – There is nothing more unappealing than dead bugs clinging to the front of your vehicle.  Before you invest in an expensive car cleaning gel, try one of our Dryer Sheet DIY car cleaning hacks.  Add two dryer sheets to a spray bottle filled half way with water.  Let the solution sit for a few minutes, then spray it directly onto the bug residue.  Then use another dryer sheet to wipe away the bugs.  Repeat the process where necessary.

Clean & Bright Tires – Try this homemade tire shine.  Mix mild dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and castor oil together in a spray bottle and spray directly onto the tires. The dish soap strips off the initial dirt and grime, the rubbing alcohol removes the residual dirt, and the castor oil provides a natural, environmentally safe shine.

Interior Car Cleaning

Now that the world will be admiring the great job you did on the exterior of your vehicle, you have a front row seat to the interior.  Before you dive in, give your car a good cleanout and vacuum.    Throw out any trash and remove all other items from the car.  Then pull out your vacuum and attack all “soft” surfaces including mats, carpet, and the seats.  Use the crevice tool to get deep into the valleys of the seats and in those hard-to-reach spots.

Wipe everything down – After a good vacuum of the interior, its time to give the whole car a good wipe down.  Using a multi-surface cleaner and clean microfiber clothes, attack every surface starting at the front windshield and working your way backwards.  Be sure to spray the cleaner ONTO THE CLOTH and not directly onto the surface.  This will reduce overspray and drips.  Change your cloths when they get dingy.

Get to the Nooks and Crannies – there are a couple of ways to dislodge packed-in dirt and debris.

Slime It! – The Slimy Goo that your kids play with is actually a terrific car cleaning gel to remove the micro-layer of dirt caught around the buttons and in the corners of your car. Roll the slime over these hard to clean surfaces and you will pick up tons of debris.

Toothbrush – For those caked-on messes, dip a toothbrush into soapy water and give the spot a good rub.  This is on the list of favorite spring cleaning hacks.

Calling Mr. Clean – For tough larger surfaces, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will help avoid needless scrubbing.  But be careful using this on suede or microfiber fabric as it can damage the color.

Not Just for Painting – a small foam brush is perfect for in your ventilation systems.  Spray a little multi-purpose cleaner on a damp brush and insert it between the louvers to sweep away dust and debris.  This is an especially great car care tips for allergies.

Stay Organized – Before putting items back into the vehicle, consider each item carefully.  If you are spring cleaning, then there is no need to keep the snow shovel and ice scraper in the car this season.  Return only the items you will need on a daily basis or those that are seasonally relevant.

Control the Trash – Hang a decorative reusable bag behind the front passenger seat or place a large food container on the floor to use as a garbage receptacle.

If however, you don’t have the time to dig Cheerios out of your backseat or analyze the sticky residue in your cupholders, then a professional detail cleaning may be the wiser way to go.  Our team of experienced experts can get your car back to showroom condition in a matter of hours.  Schedule a professional detail cleaning at any of our Flemington Car & Truck Country dealerships. We offer car dealership help in spring cleaning NJ no matter your make or model. With locations in Flemington, Clinton and Princeton, NJ, our team of professional detailers can bring back your vehicle’s luster in no time.