Preparing your Vehicle for the Change of Seasons

There is nothing like watching Autumn bloom here in the Northeast.  Practically overnight, the leaves shed their green coats for vibrant red, gold and orange and, for a few precious weeks, the world is suddenly a technicolor wonderland. But the moment those leaves start to fall and frost welcomes us at dawn, we know winter is on its way and we better be prepared.  So, before you’re caught unprepared for Old Man Winter’s fury, take a few minutes to make sure your vehicle is ready for the change of seasons.

Mats and Trays

There is nothing more annoying than finding rock salt residue has permanently discolored your vehicle’s carpet.  Fortunately, adding all weather floor mats to your vehicle is one of the easiest and most practical things you can do to avoid this.  The best all weather mats for cars, SUVs and Trucks will be of durable construction.  They should also fit snuggly to the footwells in both the front and rear seating areas of the vehicle.  Similarly, don’t forget a cargo trunk liner.  Just like protecting your interior carpet with custom all weather floor mats for cars, custom cargo liners will add a level of protection to the highly used trunk area of your vehicle.

Winter Brooms and Brushes

Unearthing your vehicle after a snowfall is a regular occurrence each year.  That’s why you should always have a car snow scraper and a compact shovel for car in your trunk.  The best ice scraper tool will offer both a brush for the painted areas of your vehicle as well as a scraper to clear the windows.  One that telescopes will also allow you to remove built up snow on harder to reach areas.  Keeping a car shovel at hand will allow you to remove snow that may have built up around your vehicle making it impossible to get in or out without difficulty.  Consider a compact shovel for car or a folding shovel that will take up less trunk room.

Mud on Your Tires

While there is no doubt getting a bit of mud on your tires is fun, kicking up wet snow and rock salt can cause damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle and reduce overall traction.  To avoid this, you should consider installing custom mud flaps.  If you haven’t already learned how does road salt affect cars, know that it can chip your vehicle’s paint (if larger clumps hit your vehicle) and corrode exposed metals under your car such as pipes and bolts.  To help reduce road salt cars rust, install mud flaps and take your vehicle to the car wash after a heavy storm to wash away the residual.  Keeping your vehicle parked in a garage whenever possible is another good preventative measure to consider.

Prepare an Emergency Kit for Cars

Even the most conscientious drivers can get stuck out in bad weather. To make sure you have the best chance of surviving, you should always have a seasonal car emergency kit in your vehicle.  This differs from a first aid kit or a roadside emergency kit (which usually includes long jumper cables, a battery charger jumper and flares), which should be in your vehicle year-round.  A winter emergency car kit for cars will offer cold weather items that will improve your chances of survival until help arrives.  So, what should you put in a car emergency kit? Consider the best winter survival kit will include bottled water, protein bars, emergency blankets, flashlights with batteries, emergency light sticks, hand warmers, back up gloves and scarves.  You can purchase an emergency kits for car already prepared or build your own using a storage tote.

Hope for the Best…Prepare for the Worst

While we all hope that the winter will be mild, no one wants to be stuck in a blizzard without the right tools.   Making sure you have everything you need to successfully navigate whatever the weather holds will offer protection to you and your passengers.  Our team has been serving the Hunterdon County, NJ, Buck County, Pa, Bridgewater, Edison, Princeton, Hamilton, Somerset County and Mercer County areas for the past 45 years.  So, no matter if you drive a Ford, Lincoln, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Infiniti, Infiniti Q50, Infiniti Q60, Infiniti QX50, Infiniti QX55, Infiniti QX60, Infiniti QX80, Infiniti models NJ, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Subaru, Honda, Jaguar or Land Rover know that being prepared for the worst will keep you safe.