Ed Shoemaker Gets Top ISSI/ICSI Service Consultant Recognition

Everyone here at Flemington Car & Truck Country are so proud that Flemington INFINITI’s Ed Shoemaker has been named a Top ISSI/ICSI Service Consultant by INFINITI USA!

“I’m not one for being in the spotlight, so when I received a barrage of congratulatory phone calls I didn’t know how to react. I love to come to work every day to do my job and take care of our customers. I try my best to be fair, honest and open. This award proves that our customers appreciate that approach. The credit for this recognition also goes to my co-workers who do their part every day at Flemington INFINITI to make this a great place to work.”

-Ed Shoemaker, service advisor at Flemington INFINITI

Ed has earned this prestigious accolade due to his efforts as a “Customer-Facing, Retail Front-liner” by providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction. He will be interviewed and featured in INFINITI’s upcoming newsletter with other Top ISSI/ICSI Sales & Service Consultants and top FRFT Technicians.

As of November 2020, Ed will be a part of the Flemington INFINITI team for 11 years. He started off in the Prep Department and worked his way up quickly to an Assistant Service Advisor and then to his current Service Advisor role.

What the Team Has to Say About Ed

“I congratulate Ed along with our Flemington INFINITI team for this wonderful achievement. We strive to be the best we can for our customers and this recognition confirms that Ed and his team are succeeding. They’ve put their best foot forward every day and it shows.”

-Steve Kalafer, chairman of Flemington Car & Truck Country

“Ed is such a huge contributor to our team here at Flemington INFINITI. A dedicated employee, he genuinely wants to make his customers happy. I couldn’t be more proud of him for this outstanding accomplishment.”

-Steve Kiley, general manager of Flemington INFINITI

“It’s just Ed being Ed. There aren’t any surprises when it comes to Ed… he’s here every day and a consistent contributor to our success.”

-Rob Heyducek, service manager at Flemington INFINITI

We would like to congratulate Ed Shoemaker for this prestigious achievement and we want to thank him for helping his store have a strong reputation for providing great service!