COVID Lockdown and Your Car

When you stayed home safe during this pandemic, did your car stay safe at home too? Just like us, as we come out of hibernation, our vehicles may need a little help getting back in shape for the real world. Long periods in the garage can actually damage your vehicle as much as being driven on a daily basis. Here are some suggestions from our Flemington Car & Truck Country Service & Parts Department to get you and your vehicle ready for your next adventure.

  1. Keep your vehicle at least three quarters full to reduce condensation. Driving your vehicle at least 4-8 miles at least once every two days or every day for your engine’s health.
  2. Make sure your battery connections are clean. Corroded connections can impact the overall strength and reliability of your battery. Not sure if yours is in trouble, come in to your nearest Flemington Car & Truck Country Service & Parts Department Specialist and we can complete a battery check for you.
  3. Keep jumper cables in your trunk or a smart battery charger. Forgetting to turn off your lights, or playing the radio while the engine is off can drain a weak battery further. Don’t forget to refresh the smart battery charge once a month to keep it prepared for emergencies.
  4. Prevent flat spots in your tire by adding more pressure and moving your vehicle. Sitting in the same spot with moderate to low pressure will create dimples or flat spots on your tires. Just adding a little air or rolling your vehicle a bit onto a different portion of the tire tread can do wonders to even it out.
  5. Keep an eye on your oil change intervals. Using your owner’s manual, see what the miles or month recommendation for changing your oil is for your model. Don’t just focus on the miles, but the months between your routine servicing appointments. Even if your vehicle has been sitting, the oil can do damage if not changed.
  6. Have your brakes and pads checked at every tire rotation by one of our experienced service technicians at Flemington Car & Truck Country Service & Parts Department. Wear and rust can be detected early so you can avoid more expensive repairs in the future.
  7. Purchase an extended warranty to cover any unforeseen problems with your vehicle. The more bells and whistles your vehicle has, the greater chance some components will have issues. Save yourself the added expense upfront by buying “insurance” with a warranty.
  8. Go through your owner’s manual often and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer so that you are auto savvy.
  9. If you are driving your vehicle regularly, have your tires checked for wear and balance each time you come in for a regular oil change at any Flemington Car & Truck Country Service & Parts Department.
  10. Keep the air you breath in your cabin clean by having your car’s air filters changed every 12,000 miles. Even if you recirculate your air, your filter is still working to trap potential pollutants. Replacing it every 12,000 miles…or annually, will keep your vehicles are fresh for human lungs.
  11. Don’t ignore any of the fluids that keep your vehicle running. Besides your oil, cars depend on brake fluids, transmission fluids, coolant, and windshield washer fluids to keep you on the road. Have each of these checked by your Flemington Car & Truck Country Service & Parts Department and have levels adjusted to designated fill line.
  12. Have your hoses and belts checked regularly. The hoses become tough and hardened even when your vehicle sits idol for a long time. Clamps can become loose from the expansion and contraction from the weather and hoses can slip off. When you know you haven’t taken your car out for months, your first drive should be to your trusted Flemington Car & Truck Country Service & Parts Department to have your hoses and belts checked.
  13. Maintaining your vehicle is more than just changing the oil, it’s keeping it healthy from bumper to bumper. Make sure you pamper your car from your favorite Flemington Car and Truck Country Service & Parts Department.